Baby name numerologist in India

It is a moment of great ecstasy. No less than a dream come true. Your cute little baby has arrived in the world. And as you are basking in the celebrations, someone quips with a funny name for your baby.

Realization strikes. Amid all the stress before your baby’s birth, you have not decided what would be the perfect name for your baby!

No worries.

I will help you choose a unique and effective name for your baby. The name will help your baby has all the luck he needs to tackle challenges of the world.

What’s in a name? An unsuitable name number can bring trouble and bad luck in your baby’s life. Save your baby from struggle by correcting the name spelling.

I make numerological corrections to your chosen name ensuring that the name (spelling) number adds up to harmonious vibration with your baby’s date of birth.

Before you come to me for modification of your baby’s name, here are some tips to choose an exceptional one:

Dig down your family tradition and mythologies. Choose a shorter one that isn’t so common.
The name must sound good to the ear. A good exercise to check this is saying the name aloud (along with your surname).
Make sure the name is not modifiable in an embarrassing manner. Else, your baby will might be hard time getting ridiculed by his classmates at school.
Leave the spelling to an expert (ahmm, me).
Get a suitable name correction for your baby now. Book a baby name numerology consultation with me by contacting me at Or call me at +91-95825-16915.
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